Dec 3, 2015

Free Eye Camp and Cataract Operations

On Saturday, September 17th  the School hosted an eye camp in conjunction with the famous Aravind Eye Hospital from Madurai. We provide the organisation, advertising and all of the logistics, while the hospital provides the medical staff. 97 people attended the camp and 22 were admitted to hospital for cataract surgery. Many others received spectacles. This is something we do every year, and many people have greatly benefited. 

Aug 13, 2015

Activity-based learning

The children are making good progress with activities which engage them in the learning process and hold their attention, so they both enjoy their lessons and learn more readily. 

Jul 26, 2015

Enjoying Learning

The attendees of our preschool enjoy learning with a variety of fun educational activities.

Jun 18, 2015

Mountain View School for the rural poor now open!

Our preschool for poor village children officially opened on 15th June, which is the beginning of a new school year in India. It is an English medium school and our goal is to set these children on the road to success through modern activity-based learning methods, taking advantage of the extraordinary capability to learn that children have up to the age of five or six. The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period, and appropriate, hands-one, interactive, educational activities contribute dramatically to a child's development.

Jan 5, 2015

Christmas Festivities

More than 120 students and all the staff  participated in a Christmas celebration on Christmas eve. A formal Christmas speech was given by PCO. Then cakes were distributed to the participants. Cultural activities like dances and songs were performed by the students, who had lots of fun and expressed their gratitude for the program.

Nov 28, 2014

Assistance for Two More Nursery Schools

We are expanding our assistance to village nursery schools, and recently we were able to provide educational supplies and games to two more village schools. If you would like to assist with this program, please visit the needs page of our website for ideas on items that you can order.

Nov 27, 2014

Diabetes and TB Awareness

These awareness programs may save lives. TB and diabetes are both serious problems in our area--often left untreated until too late, with devastating results. We have held awareness programs in several villages to cover these topics.